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Conduit Carrier | No-Drill, Clamp-On System
FS Truck Window Guard | Conduit Box Kit | Load Dividers
Bed Supports | Optional Bed Rail Support Mounts
Front Bar Wind Deflector | Additional Ladder Rack Accessories

Load Dividers

Clamp to cross bar to control cargo movement. Kit includes a set of 2. 10 lbs. shipping weight.
Part # Description Price Qty
A31020 Load Dividers $39.95
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Bed Supports

Full-size truck, adjustable strut connects to front rack leg mounting bolts. Properly adjusted, it eliminates more than half of the vertical load pressure on the truck bed sides. Kit includes a set of 2.
Part # Description Price Qty
A31040 Bed Supports $39.95
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Optional Full-length Bed Rail Support Mounts

Distribute the load over the length of the bed rails. Available for trucks with or without camper shells. For bed lengths of 72", 78" and 96"
Trucks without Camper/Utility Shells
Part #
Description Bed Length Price QTY
31127 Bed Rail Support
Trucks w/out Shell
72" $69.95
31128 Bed Rail Support
Trucks w/out Shell
78" $69.95
31130 Bed Rail Support
Trucks w/out Shell
96" $69.95
Trucks with Camper/Utility Shells
31380 Bed Rail Support
Trucks w/ Shell
72" $169.95
31400 Bed Rail Support
Trucks w/ Shell
78" $169.95
31420 Bed Rail Support
Trucks w/ Shell
96" $169.95

UPDATED: 06-12-10

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Front Bar Wind Deflector

Sometimes cab lights, atmospheric conditions or other accessories can cause noise. This wind deflector bolts to the front crossbar, and can be positioned to optimally deflect wind up over the cab, reducing or eliminating noise. Especially recommended when standard length racks are mounted on extended cab trucks.

Part# Description Price Qty
3157-0 Front Bar Wind Deflector $34.95

UPDATED: 06-12-10

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Additional Ladder Rack Accessories

A31170   RS2 / RS3   A31160


A31110 KM-31050
Part # Description Price QTY
LL3 Quick Ladder Clamp (w/ Lock) $59.95
31580 No-Drill, Clamp-On System $39.95
A31170 Mounting for Emergency Light
(Light Not Included)
RS3 Ratchet Strap Tie Downs (pair)
2" round mounts with bolts
RS2 Ratchet Strap Tie Downs (pair)
90 degree angle mounts with bolts
A31160 Water Jug Mount $89.95
A31150 Utility Hook $34.95
A31110 Extra Cross Bar (bolt-on) $69.95
KM-31050 Side Ladder Rack Clamp Kit $129.95

UPDATED: 06-12-10

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