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How Banks Power Works – It's All About Airflow! 

In the confines of a stock motorhome or truck, your gas or diesel engine’s inherent power is limited by factory restrictions in the intake and exhaust. With your engine starved for air, a tremendous amount of power traveling through the power-train is unnecessarily wasted before it gets to where it matters—your vehicle’s rear wheels. Airflow restrictions make poor engine efficiency, which soaks up fuel, runs a hot exhaust, compromises performance and shortens engine life.

Think of an engine as an air pump that produces power. To run it, fuel is needed. In a typical stock vehicle, a gasoline engine produces only about 250 horsepower for every 1,000-horsepower’s worth of fuel put in. Diesel engines are more efficient—they put out about 320 horsepower for every 1000 in, only wasting 68%—still leaving lots of room for improvement!
Banks offers a wide array of power enhancement products at different pricing levels for
popular Chevy/GMC trucks, Dodge trucks, Ford Trucks, and motorhomes.
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How Airflow Restrictions Waste Power
·   Intake restrictions cause engine to labor (“pumping losses”)    ·   Hot, overworked lubricants degrade faster and increase friction
· Exhaust backpressure generates a tremendous engine heat-load · Gasoline-vehicle makers mask poor-airflow problems (eg. detonation) with overly-rich fuel
· Power is robbed from the crankshaft to expel exhaust · Excess fuel is wasted, worsening mileage and emissions
· Cooling fan runs often, wasting power and making the cab noisy · Inadequate airflow chokes engine’s potential
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How Do I Know If Banks Power System is for Me?  |  Banks Power Systems for Motorhomes

How do I know if a Banks Power System is for me? 

Does your motorhome or truck-and-trailer experience a "power shortage" on a grade or merging with traffic? That's because your vehicle's stock intake and exhaust parts restrict engine flow and limit it's true power-robbing parts with free-flowing, streamlined and durable components and by calibrating fuel delivery to the increased airflow.
Top-of-the line PowerPack systems produce momentous high-end power that transforms your driving experience and deep-down towing strength that optimizes every bit of a rig's GVWR. If your needs are not as great, Banks Stinger, Stinger Plus system or Get-Kit provide just what you need at the right price. No matter what the age of your vehicle, with Banks Power Systems, it's better than new!
Banks Power Systems for Motorhomes

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