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Stowmaster 5000 - Car Mounted Tow Bar

•  Stainless Steel provides superior finish and value
•  One-Person Quick Disconnect
•  Full-Length Safety Base with an angle iron support across the rear of the bar to guarantee strength and durability
•  Plug Welded Arms to help prevent moisture and debris from corroding or degrading the operation of the bar
•  Autowlok™ System allows arms to adjust for an easy, one-person hook-up
•  Powder Coat Finish
•  Safety Lock prevents the collar from freely sliding across the steel tube allowing the car to dangerously wander behind the motor home
•  Internal Safety Strap adds an additional measure of safety
•  Self-lubricating nylon bushings eliminate friction between the inner and outer arms
View the new Stowmaster All Terrain version of this tow bar
Part # Description Price Qty
501 Stowmaster™ tow bar $495.95
581 Stowmaster™ tow bar w/ pintle hook $549.95
9254 Stowmaster™ tow bar Combo Pack $269.95
052 Stowmaster™ tow bar Cover $46.95
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Stowmaster All Terrain - Car Mounted Tow Bar

•  All the same great features as the Stowmaster 5000    

With the Freedom Latch™, you’ll never struggle to hook-up or unhook. With ease you can unbind your tow bar even when at hard angles and extreme out-of-level situations just by releasing a latch. Once you release the latch, your tow bar unbinds and you can continue to disconnect effortlessly.

•  The Freedom Latch™
•  Extremely easy to use
•  6,000lb. rated weight capacity
•  Stainless steel components
•  Powder coat finish
NOTE: If you need a motorhome mounted tow bar you can look at the Falcon All Terain or Blackhawk All Terrain tow bar. The Falcon All Terrain rated at 6,000 lbs is strong enough for most towed vehicles. If you need more of a robust tow bar, the new 8,000 rated Blackhawk All Terrain is available.
Part # Description Price Qty
502 Stowmaster All Terrain™ tow bar $699.95
9254 Stowmaster™ tow bar Combo Pack $269.95
052 Stowmaster™ tow bar Cover $46.95
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