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Unified Tow Brake - by US Gear

A tow brake that controls braking by
utilizing the vehicle's OWN power braked without
tampering with the brake lines.
VS. A tow brake that cuts into the brake line of your vehicle, causing obvious safety and warranty concerns.
A tow brake that not only provides proportional
braking but progressive braking as well.
VS. A tow brake that only provides proportional braking by cutting into your vehicle's existing, already proportionalized brakes and giving only
an "average" amount of braking.
A tow brake with a patented technologically advanced remote control unit that monitors and adjusts for road conditions AND terrain from the motorhome's cockpit. VS. A tow brake that simply gives you what you get;
be it too much or too little, too late.
A tow brake that activated not only
when the motorhome brakes are applied
but manually if the need arrises.
VS. A tow brake that only works with or without the motorhome brakes; not both.
A tow brake with NO NEED for assembly or
disassembly after installation.
VS. A tow brake that must be assembled and disassembled EVERY TIME you connect or disconnect the towed vehicle from the motorhome.
A tow brake that is aesthetically pleasing with elements hidden under the carpet and seat. VS. A tow brake with bulky cylinders, plates
and wires all over the floorboard.
A tow brake that offers a brake-away feature standard w/ every kit for the same price as other units WITHOUT. VS. A tow brake unit that only offers a break-away feature as an additional cost.
A tow brake that comes with both visual and audible warnings if any problems occure. VS. A tow brake that simply does not have the
technology for any warning signs.
Please Call for Current Price:

Santee, CA: 619-449-6800      Nationwide: 1-877-439-4287

Part # Description Price
UTB-1000 US Gear's Unified Tow Brake -- COMPLETE KIT
For Vehicles with Standard Vacuum Brakes
UTV-1000K US Gear's Unified Tow Brake -- TOW VEHICLE KIT ONLY
(click to see if your RV is factory pre-wired)
UTH-1000 US Gear's Unified Tow Brake -- COMPLETE KIT
For Vehicles with Hydro Boost Brakes
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