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The Brakebuddy is made of durable ABS polycarbonate, measuring 9"x11"x14" and weighing only 12 pounds. Designed and manufactured exclusively for the motorhome industry, Brakebuddy is the number one choice for people who require a safe and effective braking system for their towed vehicle. Manufactured in the USA by Masters Concepts, Inc. Brakebuddy will help you put on the brakes safely, effectively and inexpensively and will reduce your RV's and towed vehicle's stopping distance up to 50 percent.


Simple to install and completely self-contained, Brakebuddy is a lightweight and fully adjustable system installed and road-ready in just minutes with no connection to the RV. The Brakebuddy required ABSOLUTELY NO permanent installation and there are no holes to drill or any brackets to mount. It's absolutely the easiest-to-use supplementary braking system available which installs in your towed vehicle as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

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To install the Brakebuddy simply 
1)  Place the Brakebuddy on the floorboard if the driver-side seat of the towed vehicle and attach the clevis assembly to the towed vehicle's brake paddle. 
2)  Adjust the seat forward until it contacts the Brakebuddy.
3)  Plug the brake buddy into the towed vehicle's 12 volt lighter receptacle. The Brakebuddy operates by use of solid state inertia device to activate an air cylinder that pushes directly on the brake pedal of the towed vehicle. 
(See diagram above) 
Part # Description Price
BBS BRAKEbuddy, including:
Alert System and BrakeAway System
BBC BRAKEbuddy Black Soft Shell Case
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UPDATED: 11-25-08

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